T50 Series

ACS T50 Series Granulators offer strong, versatile, and reliable performance. With a full range of size and design options to choose from, the T50 Series Granulator are the best choice for applications ranging from large injection or blow molded scrap, furniture components and appliance parts. The tangential design offers the capacity to process many types of scrap with improved ingestion at a lower power requirement, while the offset design allows for higher throughput of lower density parts. Energy efficiency paired with heavy-duty design and ease-of-maintenance results in a granulation system with a low total cost of ownership.

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  • Standard Features
  • Available Options

    • Throughput from 1,500 lbs/hr to 2,500 lbs/hr (680 kg/hr to 1,130 kg/hr)

    • Industry-leading tangential chamber configuration

    • Wide infeed section capable of handling oversized pieces

    • Open wing rotor design for increased throughput and cutting performance

    • Easy access to screen cradles 

    • Offset cutting chamber with simplified access to rotor and knives

Product Parameters


Cutting Chamber

Discharge (Right Hand)


Motor Options

Dimensions (W x L)



20'' x 28'
   (50.8cm x 71.2cm)

6'' Airveyor

1,500 Ibs/hr
   (680 kg/hr)

50hp / 75hp / 100hp
   (37kW / 55kW / 75kW)

89'' x 65''
   (226cm x 165cm)

10,000 Ibs
   (4,536 kg)


20'' x 36'
   (50.8cm x 91.5cm

8'' Airveyor

2,000 Ibs/hr
   (910 kg/hr)

50hp / 75hp / 100hp
   (37kW / 55kW / 75kW)

97'' x 65''
   (246cm x 165cm)

12,500 Ibs
   (5,670 kg)


20'' x 48'
   (50.8cm x 122cm)

10'' Airveyor

2,500 Ibs/hr
   (1,140 kg/hr)

75hp / 100hp
   (55kW / 75kW)

109'' x 65''
   (276cm x 165cm)

16,000 Ibs
   (7,257 kg)


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