Gravimetric Batch Blenders

BD Series Gravimetric Batch Blenders integrate advanced technologies with proven component design to offer an accurate and innovative blending solution.

Batch weigh blending operators know that flexibility and accuracy are key to success. BD Series Blenders feature an exclusive diamond slide gate metering assembly that provides 0.5% to 100% recipe range accuracy for free flowing materials.

In addition, state-of-the-art process controls deliver the most consistent batch-to-batch blended mix in the industry. Heavy-duty modular construction combined with an efficient industrial mixing chamber help ensure continuous material flow and the right mix every time.

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  • Standard Features
  • Available Options

    • Color Touch-Screen display and 8’ (2.5m) cable, serial printer port, 100 recipe storage book, alarm light, audible alarm, and 3 modes 

      of recipe entry

    • Powder coated, mild steel material supply hoppers with access doors

    • Heavy-duty diamond metering gate assemblies

    • Oversized square gate assembly for Regrind

    • Adjustable stroke limiters for all ingredients

    • Precision 0.02% span accurate cantilever load cell weigh system

    • Removable, stainless steel weigh hopper

    • Removable stainless steel mixer agitator

    • Stainless steel mixer assembly, with proximity style level sensor

    • Interlocked safety system shuts off air and power if mix chamber is opened

    • “H” models include two large hoppers with diamond gates and two removable hoppers with vertical gates

    • 7th and 8th components include additive feeders

    • 115/1/50 - 60 and 220/1/50 – 60 supply voltage

Product Parameters

  Max. Blending Rate200 lbs/hr500 lbs/hr900 lbs/hr2,500 lbs/hr4,000 lbs/hr6,000 lbs/hr
(90 kg/hr)(227 kg/hr)(410 kg/hr)(1,135 kg/hr)(1,815 kg/hr)(2,725 kg/hr)
  Number of Materials to be Blended2-42-62-82-82-82-8
  Slide Gate Size: Majors2.0"(50 mm)2.0"(50 mm)2.0"(50 mm)2.5"(63 mm)3.0"(76 mm)3.0"(76 mm)
  Slide Gate Size: Minors1.5"(38 mm)1.5"(38 mm)1.5"(38 mm)2.0"(50 mm)3.0"(76 mm)3.0"(76 mm)
  Supply Hopper Capacity: Majors0.7 cu ft (20 L)1.4 cu ft (40 L)1.4 cu ft (40 L)3.0 cu ft (85 L)7.5 cu ft (212 L)7.5 cu ft (212 L)
  Supply Hopper Capacity: Minors0.2 cu ft (5 L)1.0 cu ft (28 L)1.0 cu ft (28 L)2.7 cu ft (77 L)6.0 cu ft (170 L)6.0 cu ft (170 L)
  Weigh Hopper Capacity0.18 cu ft (5 L)0.18 cu ft (5 L)0.38 cu ft (11 L)0.82 cu ft (23 L)1.23 cu ft (34 L)2.17 cu ft (61 L)
  Typical Batch Size4 lbs (1.8 kg)4 lbs (1.8 kg)8 lbs (3.6 kg)25 lbs (11.3 kg)35 lbs (15.8 kg)45 lbs (20.4 kg)
  Mixer Capacity0.25 cu ft (7 L)0.25 cu ft (7 L)0.56 cu ft (16 L)1.1 cu ft (31 L)2.72 cu ft (77 L)2.72 cu ft (77 L)
  Mixer Motor Size1/6 HP (.12 kW)1/6 HP (.12 kW)1/6 HP (.12 kW)1/3 HP (0.25 kW)1.0 HP (0.75 kW)1.0 HP (0.75 kW)
  Mixer Speed21 RPM21 RPM21 RPM22 RPM22 RPM22 RPM
  Load Cell Capacity2 @ 3kg2 @ 3kg2 @ 5kg2 @ 10kg2 @ 15kg2 @ 20kg
  Blender Weight375 lbs (170 kg)375 lbs (170 kg)450 lbs (205 kg)650 lbs (295 kg)1,100 lbs (500 kg)1,100 lbs (500 kg)
  Main Power115/1/60 (Optional - 220/1/50 or 220/1/60)
  Control Voltage24 VDC

Product Diagrams


ModelA, in. (mm.)B, in. (mm.)C, D, in. (mm.)
BD-20041.5 (1,054)37.5 (952)11x11 (280x280)
BD-50051.5 (1,308)37.5 (952)11x11 (280x280)
BD-90056.5 (1,435)37.0 (940)14x15 (355x457)
BD-250069.5 (1,765)45.5 (1,156)17x18 (432x453)
BD-400085.5 (2,172)57.5 (1,461)22x24 (559x610)
BD-600089.5 (2,337)57.5 (1,461)22x24 (559x610)


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