The New Series batch weigh blenders are setting new industry standards for accuracy and homogeneous blend quality with vertical cylindrical slide gates, unmatched mixing performance, and an easy to use high resolution color touchscreen interface.

With 3 different ways to enter blend recipes, the New Series blender is perfect for Injection Molding, Extrusion, Blow Molding or any other process. Combined with its easy to clean design, the New series blender allows you to minimize material changes and maximize machine efficiency.

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  • Standard Features
  • Available Options

    • 7” High Resolution Color Touchscreen display and advanced AEC Micro850 PLC controller

    • Unmatched mixing performance - new high efficiency paddle delivers the most consistent batch-to-batch mix in the industry

    • Stainless steel supply hoppers

    • 100 recipe storage book

    • Removable hoppers with integral metering gates

    • Alarm light & audible alarm

    • 3 Recipe Modes

      1. Percentage recipe entry - Ingredients metered as a percentage of the batch

      2. 4-component “EZ” mode recipe entry - Color and additives metered as a percentage of the virgin

      3. “Parts” mode ratio recipe entry (i.e. 500:1)

    • Precision metering with vertical cylindrical slide gate design - dispense as few as 5 pellets per pulse

    • Oversized arrow gate assembly for Regrind

    • Precision 0.02% span accurate cantilever load cell weigh system

    • Interlocked safety system shuts off air and power if mix chamber is opened

    • 115/1/60 or 220/1/50 - 60 supply voltage

    • Remotely monitor or control via phone, tablet, or PC

    • Seamlessly integrate with any smart factory

    • E-mail alert capability


Product Parameters

BD-100 Series Blender Specification

 Max Blending Rate

40kg/h to 65kg/h   100lbs/h to 140lbs/h

 Number of materials to be blended


 Slide gate(mm)/Natural/Color/Additive


 Slide gate(mm)/Regrind

Arrow Slide gate for Regrind

 Supply hopper capacity(Max)


 Mixer capacity


 Weigh hopper capacity


 Typical batch size

1 lbs(450g)

 Mixer motor size


 Mixer rpm


 Load cell capacity

2@3 kg

 Weight of machine

50kg(110 lbs)

 Approximate dimensions(mm)

682(H) x 521(W) x536(D)mm   26.8(H) X 20.5 (W) X 21(D) in


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